Tampa York Rite Bodies
Royal Arch Masons meet as a Chapter, and the Chapter confers four Degrees: Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch.
Cryptic Masons meet as a Council, and the Council confers three Degrees: Royal Master, Select Master, and the Super Excellent Master.
Knights Templar meet as a Commandery and the Commandery confers three Orders:  The Order of the Red Cross, The Order of Malta and The Order of the Temple.
Thank you for visiting our new website. This site will inform potential members about York Rite Masonry as well as provide current and new members with information about upcoming events and meetings.

The York Rite bodies are compose of 3 separate bodies each one helping the Master Mason gain more knowledge and understanding in what he has already learned in his preceding 3 degrees.  Each of the 3 Bodies having itís own requirements.  To petition for the Royal Arch degrees, you need to be a Master Mason in good standing. Petition to the Council requires a Master Mason in good standing and completion of all of the Royal Arch degrees.  Petition to the Commandery requires a Master Mason in good standing and having completed the Royal Arch degrees and the Council degrees. For interest in any of these Masonic Bodies, you can click on the Contact Us link along the side for our email address.  We will be glad to discuss the furthering of your Masonic career.

Chapter and Council meet every 2nd Friday of the month 6:30pm Dinner - Meeting 7:30pm
Commandery meets every 4th Friday of the month 6:30pm Dinner - Meeting 7:30pm
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Breaking News: DISTRICT 3 YORK RITE SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION *** Saturday, September 14, 2013 9 AM till Noon St. Petersburg York Rite Bodies 114 4th Street S. Reminder: bring your chapeau & sword for Commandery practice!